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Housing Trust Fund:

  • WA has a shortage of +195,000 affordable homes. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR, please invest $240M in #HousingTrustFund to build & $10 M to preserve affordable homes. #HomesForWA #WALeg
  • We need affordable homes available to households earning less than half AMI. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR, please invest $240M in #HousingTrustFund to build & $10M to preserve affordable homes. #HomesForWA #WALeg
  • WA’s #HousingTrustFund provides homes for families, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, farmworkers, and more. The HTF needs BOLD investments to make up for our shortage of +195,000 affordable homes. #HomesForWA #WALeg
  • The #WaLeg should follow @GovInslee’s lead and invest $240M into the #HousingTrustFund to build affordable homes and another $10M to preserve affordable home’s affordability. #HomesForWA #WALeg

New Document Recording Fee:

  • The estimated monthly need for rental assistance is over $100M per month. Thousands of renters are at risk of losing their homes when the eviction moratorium ends. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR please support a New Doc Recording Fee this Session. #WALeg #WAForHomes
  • Lawmakers, please increase the Doc Recording Fee by $100 to generate approximately $100M per year to expand rental assistance and prevent evictions and homelessness. #HomesForWA #WALeg
  • A New Document Recording Fee just makes sense! Calculated over a 30-year mortgage, the total fee amounts to around $6/year or $0.50/month for a home buyer. #HomesForWA #WALeg

Progressive Revenue:

  • Low- & mid-income Washingtonians to pay up to 7x HIGHER taxes than the wealthy. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR please support a progressive revenue this Session. #WALeg #WAForHomes
  • When individuals and businesses that are seeing record profits contribute more, everyone benefits. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR please support a progressive revenue this Session. #WALeg #WAForHomes
  • This is the time to invest in our safety net, not unravel it. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR please support a progressive revenue this Session. #WALeg #WAForHomes
  • WA has one of the most regressive tax systems in US. This means those who are struggling the most are the most impacted by our upside down tax code. @LEGISLATOR, @LEGISLATOR please support a progressive revenue this Session. #WALeg #WAForHomes