Prevent evictions and homelessness with rental assistance

The Department of Commerce estimates the monthly need for rental assistance at over $100 million per month. The federal relief we’ve received, and the new funds on the way are not enough to meet the back rent owed, or to help low wage workers ride out the economic downturn. Without relief, thousands of renters are at risk of losing their homes when the eviction moratorium ends.

As the pandemic continues, the real estate market is booming while thousands are unable to pay rent due to job and income losses. Document recording fees on real estate related transactions – totaling $85.50 – fund affordable housing and homelessness prevention. Lawmakers should increase the fee by $100 dollars to generate approximately $100 million per year to expand rental assistance and prevent evictions and homelessness. Calculated over a 30-year mortgage, the total fee amounts to around $6 a year or 50 cents a month for the home buyer.

Take Action:

  • Email your legislators to urge their support of the New Document Recording Fee HERE.
  • Call your legislators and tell them:
    Hello Representative/Senator ________. My name is __________. Your support for the New Document Recording Fee will make a profound difference this session.