Affordable housing is crucial to our state as we experience the nexus of wages not keeping pace with rent and housing not being built fast enough. It will take elected officials, such as yourself, to pass policy that gives affordable housing developers the tools to boost production, maintain our existing housing stock, and save individuals from living on the streets.

Today, I am asking you to be a leader for affordable housing by advancing a variety of bills that will help create more affordable housing for all while maintaining the stock that currently exists:

  • Invest $10 million into the Housing Trust fund for the preservation of affordable homes that are on the brink of losing their affordability component;
  • Allow the local option for a 1/10th of 1 percent sales tax increase for affordable housing to be implemented by city and county councils if they so choose (HB 1590, SB 6126);
  • Create a Real Estate Excise Tax exemption for those selling a property to a nonprofit who acquires it for affordable housing (HB 2634, SB SB 6366); and
  • Ensure that nonprofit affordable housing providers can continue to serve very low-income households at 60% AMI and below without triggering unforeseen tax liability (HB 2384, SB 6232).

Please help us provide housing for our most vulnerable population – those on the edge of homelessness. I urge you to vote in support of these bills that move us towards solutions to end the housing crisis.